Where is Iztuzu Beach | How to go? Entrance fee 2021

İztuzu Plajı Dalyan'dadır.

Where is Iztuzu Beach? The beach is in the Dalyan Delta, in the Ortaca district of Muğla. If you ask what a perfect holiday is, you’re in the right destination. It has clear and often wavy, warm and shallow water that resembles the ocean. Vehicle entrance fee is 15 TRY in 2021. The beach is open between 08.00-20.00. It is also a fine sand beach.

Where is Iztuzu Beach?

You can come to Iztuzu Beach by boat tour from Kaunos. Also, if you want to go with your own vehicle, you must reach Çandır village from the area where the ancient city of Kaunos is located. From here, you can reach Iztuzu Beach on a dirt and rough road. The region is one of the living and spawning areas of caretta caretta turtles. Iztuzu Beach is geographically a lagoon and consists of small lakes. The length of the beach is approximately 6 km.

Ekincik Beach is right next to Iztuzu Beach, which is on the left of Köyceğiz Lake, and on the left.

How to get to Iztuzu Beach? Where to stay?

If you want, you can go by boat from Kaunos or by land with your own vehicle. The beach is 8 km from Dalyan. Head towards Çandır Village from the place where the ancient city of Caunos is located, then go on a road with a rather rough ground and when you see the 5th Beach sign, you have approached the beach. Although this journey will force you a little because of the bad ground, you will encounter a very pleasant view. How many places in the world are there where fresh water and salt water meet in such a perfect alluvial delta?

The advantage of coming to the beach on a boat tour is that you will have a magnificent stroll on Köyceğiz Lake among the magnificent reeds. In addition, if you wish, you will have the opportunity to have a short “blue crab” menu.

Entrance fee to Iztuzu Beach 2021

Some fees are paid for entrance to the beach. The entrance fee to Iztuzu Beach consists of parking, sunbed and umbrella fees in 2020. These services are offered for money.

The parking fee was 15 TRY in August 2020.

The price of two sun beds and an umbrella is 25 TRY in August 2020.

Transportation by boat tours is around 20 TRY in August 2020.

Where is Iztuzu Beach Caretta Caretta Hospital

There is a Caretta Caretta hospital on the beach. In addition, the beach is closed from 8 am to 8 am to avoid damaging the life cycle of the turtles.

Changing room, cafes, parking lot and WC

There is a cafe, parking lot, changing cabin and WC on the beach in a way that does not spoil the naturalness. Generally speaking, changing cabins and WCs are clean. In addition, reinforcement areas have been under the responsibility of Ortaca Municipality since 2019. The cafeteria has enough products for your snack.


There is. Iztuzu Beach is ideal for families with children, especially as it has a very shallow water.

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