Tazi Canyon: Recommendations and Experiences

Tazi Canyon

Tazi Canyon, located in Manavgat district of Antalya, is an excellent place that we would recommend especially for people who love landscape tourism and love photography. In this article, we will share with you how to go to Tazı Canyon, camping facilities, suggestions and what activities you can do here.

Make sure you have a fear of heights before heading to Tazi Canyon. Because do not forget that you are visiting a cliff that does not have any protection barriers at the edges.

You can end the visual feast in the canyon with the sunset. The Canyon is definitely a good choice for those who want to watch the sunset. An international phone manufacturer even featured this unique beauty in its advertisement. In addition, the water flowing from the base of the canyon adds a distinct beauty to the view. Do not forget that there are signs in the Tazi Canyon stating that camping and tents are prohibited.

The canyon is very crowded, especially at the weekend. For this reason, you should visit it on weekdays if possible. In this way, you can take your photos more comfortably. Because of the tours coming to the area, you may even have to queue to take photos.

How to get to Tazi Canyon?

Tazı Canyon is worth it even though it is a little far from the center of Antalya. You need to build a 104-kilometer road from Antalya. First of all, you have to arrive in Serik. After you arrive here, a winding road awaits you. This is also very natural because you are going to a cliff. Consequently, you have to go along dangerous and barrier-free roads for a long time.

After passing the Köprülü Canyon, you must continue from the Gaziler village turn. When you get close to the Tazi Canyon, you have to move on a dirt road. However, if you want, you can pull your car to the parking lot and walk the remaining 3 kilometers. Tazı Canyon is an upper canyon. Because you can actually see that this canyon is the upper floor of Köprülü Canyon.

Activities that can be done in Tazi Canyon

Tazi Canyon is a nice place to take pictures. | Photo: Yana Leto

When you set off towards the canyon from Antalya, be sure to stop by Aspendos. Because it’s on your way. In addition, there are many facilities where you can eat and do rafting on the way. In other words, you can plan your plan by visiting Aspendos first, then having a snack and moving to Tazi Canyon. You can even stop by Köprülü Canyon and Selge while you’re gone.

You are completely in touch with nature and in an unspoiled place. Except for the small-scale exhibitions selling tea and pancakes in Tazi Canyon, and where you can rent an ATV, there is no equipment area. For this reason, it is useful to go supplied.

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Photos: Yana Leto

Recommendations and Experiences about Tazi Canyon
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Recommendations and Experiences about Tazi Canyon
Where is Tazi Canyon? How to get to this canyon? What are the recommendations for Tazi Canyon?
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